Taking Care of You

While none of us can halt the aging process completely, let's do what we can to minimize the effects of aging and inflammation to allow us to live as long as we can as well as we can.  Dr. Meserve starts with a thorough evaluation of hormone health, metabolism, sleep, bone health, and cardiovascular risk. She orders comprehensive laboratory testing including standard tests of cholesterol, kidney function, and liver function along with surrogate markers of aging including glucose and insulin.  Together with Dr. Meserve, you will create a personalized care plan which will be regularly re-assessed to ensure  it is working for you.

To increase our health span, Harvard researchers identified 5 Healthy Habits we all should strive to maintain: exercise regularly, don't smoke, drink alcohol only in moderation (approximately one drink per day), keep a healthy weight (body mass index between 18 and 25), and eat a healthy diet.  See Dr. Meserve's blog for more information on longevity.

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